Monday, July 4, 2011

Mid-Year Goals and Reviews

Goals - $1490
Earnings - $816.72
Deficiency - $673.28

My earnings have not gone as well as I had hoped for a few different reasons.

Earlier in the year I experienced some burnout and did not want to write and I still have those bouts as time goes on.  I do my best to get over them quickly but that does not always work.

My residual income has not been going the way I had planned which I blame on the updates that Google did earlier this year.  I track my various sources and I have seen them decrease by 75% or more.

The main paid to click site that I clicked on did some updates as well which decreased my income as the rules have changed and I am no longer make money there.  That was $25 every two months.

I need to do some re-evaluation of what my goals are.  I need to find more private clients.  I need to promote my blogs and increase my affiliate earnings that are coming in from them as right now it is pennies.