Sunday, October 17, 2010

Writing Fees

I got into a discussion a while ago about writing for money.  My friend is a professional writer and does it full time; she has the university degree and the education to support it.  Myself, I am a hobby writer at best, and write strictly for a bit of fun and a bit of spare money.
We got discussing the rates that we write for, and compared to her, I write for pennies.  I polled others that do similar work to what I do, and the top rate was about 20 cents per word.  But, even though some of our rates are low, everyone is able to make an hourly rate that is acceptable to them and they want to make.  Typically this means several articles within an hour.
According to my professional friend, an article should take at least an hour to write between the research and the writing of it.  She also sent me a link of the rates that are becoming standard in Canada for writers. 
I wonder if this is a sign that there is more than one type of writer.  One type of writer being those that work in the professional world whether it is academia or print articles and those that work through the Internet for websites, whether it is a client or a content mill.  And with each type of writer comes a different set of rules and price ranges that one can expect to make.
Personally, I know if I were writing for a magazine, I would take a lot more care with my articles than I do with those on the Internet.  I don’t know about how you view the Internet, but when I am looking for information like what I am writing, I tend to skim anyways, so if there are small grammar errors, I am not too likely to notice them.  
What do you think about this?

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