Thursday, September 9, 2010

Residual Income Writing

One of the things that many writers (or other Internet entrepreneurs) are looking to create is residual income.  This means something that is created once and then it continues to earn money for you.

I had heard about Suite101 previously, but just chalked it up to a site I would try in the future, as I was trying other sites.  But at the urgings of a few people, I decided to try it now.  I had applied previously and was not accepted, but third times the charm, and I was accepted (I just heard only 20% are accepted to the site).

Anyways, I put up a few different articles at the end of August, and I have already started to earn pennies on them.  While it is not a lot of money, it’s a start.  I had signed up with a different site, put up 26 articles and have gotten nothing.  So making some pennies within a few days is a great start!

I have heard that once you have 50+ articles on Suite101 that a person will start to notice an increase in their income.  Hopefully I can have that many up within the next month or two.  I will post another review once I have more experience here.

If you want to see some of my work, here is my link:

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