Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ezine is a well known article directory which many people use as a method of article marketing, due to the fact that the articles that are places on here tend to rank well with Google. As with any other content mill type site, you are able to use your own byline and get a link back to your own website. One big difference between Ezine and other content sites though is that there is no payment for posting articles here. People do it for the links and the traffic that they will potentially get. People may come to Ezine and find your article to use on their site, in their newsletter, etc, but they are supposed to make sure to include your resource box with it, so that your contact information and link stays intact.

Even though there is no pay, for many people the Google rankings that you can accomplish through Ezine is enough for many people to continue to post here. Another great thing with Ezine is they sponsor writing contests every once in a while which is 100 articles in 100 days. There are even prizes to be won if you complete the challenge. I have not accomplished this yet, but am hoping to this fall.

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