Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Started

When it comes to get started in any type of freelance work, it is important that you have a porfolio of work that you can show potential employers.  I know in regards to writing, there are employers that will ask you to write an article of their choice as a test.  Sometimes these are paid for, sometimes they are not.  Many people will not do these if they are not paid, as they feel that the potential employer will just use these for their own benefit.  As a result, it is best if you have articles that are pre-written which you can show, or a porfolio published on a site such as Ezines, Helium or anywhere else that you are able to keep the rights.  I know in one instance, I had a potential employer ask for an article on a subject which I had already written something similiar on, so I sent them that article instead.

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