Monday, March 22, 2010

March Update

Well, I have met and am over my goal for the month of $150, but I am having some issue with receiving payment.

The PTC that I cashed out February 28 has not paid me, and I sent an email, and have never heard back. I guess I write that off, it was only 3 bucks, but still.

I did some writing for a customer, that paid me through the Escrow on the writing site we found each other on.  I requested for them to transfer the funds February 17, it said something about it being my first transfer so it would take a bit longer, and I still wait.  When I checked the other day, it said it would transfer March 30!  I am not impressed on this.

And there is the customer that still owes me $9 from 2 weeks ago.  Yes, its not much, but its the darn principle of the thing!

I am trying to refocus on my Gold Canyon business, so I'm not sure where I want to take my goals in April, as I will need to spend more time working there to attain the goals I want.  I will decide as we get closer to April and I am able to make a few decisions.

Note:  Will update my march numbers for you

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