Monday, March 8, 2010

March So Far

March is looking good work wise.  I have completed a fair bit of writing, but unfortunately, I am waiting on pay, so most of my writing work is on hold.  I have done work for 3 clients, none paid, but 1 client I only worked on today, and his project is not complete.

The other two, I am not sure, and there will be no more work for them until payment has been resolved.

I also won bids on two more jobs, but I have not heard on those yet.  :(  I would like to use at least one of them to replace one of said clients above.

In other news... my knitting project should be done within a week!  And as much as I resisted the idea of socks, apparently my fingers think differently, as I just finished purchasing some sock yarn to work with.  Ahhh... what a crazy gal I am!

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