Monday, February 15, 2010

What I have been doing

I'm on a freelancer board, and have been bidding on jobs, but have not had much luck in actually receiving any of them. I even went so far as asking others for places that hired Canadians to write for them, due to lack of work.

And then, wham! I got accepted for two different jobs within 24 hours of each other. While I do have 3 days to complete both assignments (10 and 15 articles) I like to finish them early if at all possible, as I never know what is going to happen the next day.

So I spent today working on the 10 article assignment and finishing it. I believe I had done 2 or 3 of the articles yesterday. I did 7 of the 15 articles today. Not to mention, I did have another project I was working on for a long term client I have, so I had to do 5 articles for him as well.

I am tired! The two assignments I received in the last 24 hours are better paying jobs as well, and didn't really require a lot of research, but when you are writing many similiar articles, it can be difficult to come up with unique spins!

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