Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I recently haven’t had much work to do for private clients, and the content mills just are not thrilling me, so I decided to work on some of my residual articles.  I got around to posting the articles I had written but had not put anywhere on Suite101.  I have gone from 22 articles up to 56 articles, and I am starting to see my income from there jump!  At the rate things are going, I may even hit payout before the end of the year.

On November 29, I had my best day yet with $1 in revenue share!  And now that I have over 50 articles, I make an extra 10% on top of that.  

I will be back in the next day or two and post my totals for October and November.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A General Update

September was a quiet month for me as I was on holidays for a bit of it and so was not accepting much for work.  October has also been quiet as I have decided to look for better paying work, which I have not had a lot of luck with so far.  Right now I am choosing not to bid on things due to the time frame of them coming up while I am busy with work, so will get back to it in November sometime.

The holiday season is coming, so people are also thinking about Candle parties so I am getting a bit busier in regards to doing those as well as trade shows.  

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Writing Fees

I got into a discussion a while ago about writing for money.  My friend is a professional writer and does it full time; she has the university degree and the education to support it.  Myself, I am a hobby writer at best, and write strictly for a bit of fun and a bit of spare money.
We got discussing the rates that we write for, and compared to her, I write for pennies.  I polled others that do similar work to what I do, and the top rate was about 20 cents per word.  But, even though some of our rates are low, everyone is able to make an hourly rate that is acceptable to them and they want to make.  Typically this means several articles within an hour.
According to my professional friend, an article should take at least an hour to write between the research and the writing of it.  She also sent me a link of the rates that are becoming standard in Canada for writers. 
I wonder if this is a sign that there is more than one type of writer.  One type of writer being those that work in the professional world whether it is academia or print articles and those that work through the Internet for websites, whether it is a client or a content mill.  And with each type of writer comes a different set of rules and price ranges that one can expect to make.
Personally, I know if I were writing for a magazine, I would take a lot more care with my articles than I do with those on the Internet.  I don’t know about how you view the Internet, but when I am looking for information like what I am writing, I tend to skim anyways, so if there are small grammar errors, I am not too likely to notice them.  
What do you think about this?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Looking to the Future

I am lookin to make a few changes to the work that I am doing online.

I plan to keep writing, but I am looking for higher paid clients.  I do enjoy the work that I am doing, but like everyone else, I am looking to make a little bit more.  A friend recommended the book The Wealthy Freelancer: 12 Secrets to a Great Income and an Enviable LifestyleThe Wealthy Freelancer: 12 Secrets to a Great Income and an Enviable Lifestyle which I have purchased.  It arrived last week and I am hoping to sit down tomorrow and have a chance to start in on it for ideas.

I also plan to work more on residual income.  While it requires more work at the begining, it can definitely be worthwhile.  

I am also looking at starting a new blog in the new year to do some different things with.  It will be different than any of the three blogs that I currently have.  Right now I am in the planning and researching stage.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

September Results

Well, September was a rather dreary month in regards to my earnings.  Partly due to the fact that I was on holidays for a week, and barely touched my computer except for those things that were necessary.

Without further ado, the lack of funds breakdown:
Writing - $98
Swagbucks - $10
Survey - $13

Fees 8.99

Proceeds 112.01

Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Utililze Facebook as a Promotional Tool

With the rise of social media, a lot of people are getting onto Facebook and using it as a marketing tool for their business.  Some people just create a second profile for their business, or they decide to create a fan page on their regular Facebook profile.  Either way, there are some steps that you need to make sure to take.

Full Profile – Make sure your profile is complete.  This includes a picture, your website, and anything else that is relevant to what you want to promote.  This should be completed as soon as you create your profile, as people like pictures.
Click here to read More

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Residual Income Writing

One of the things that many writers (or other Internet entrepreneurs) are looking to create is residual income.  This means something that is created once and then it continues to earn money for you.

I had heard about Suite101 previously, but just chalked it up to a site I would try in the future, as I was trying other sites.  But at the urgings of a few people, I decided to try it now.  I had applied previously and was not accepted, but third times the charm, and I was accepted (I just heard only 20% are accepted to the site).

Anyways, I put up a few different articles at the end of August, and I have already started to earn pennies on them.  While it is not a lot of money, it’s a start.  I had signed up with a different site, put up 26 articles and have gotten nothing.  So making some pennies within a few days is a great start!

I have heard that once you have 50+ articles on Suite101 that a person will start to notice an increase in their income.  Hopefully I can have that many up within the next month or two.  I will post another review once I have more experience here.

If you want to see some of my work, here is my link:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

August Summary

Well, I came out a little bit short in August.  I did take 2 weeks off from one of my private clients, or else I likely would not have had a problem.  I also have started with a new residual site, but have not posted much there to make any judgements yet.

Writing - $227
Swagbucks - $10
Fees - $16.10

Total Earned - $220.90

My goal for September is $200, as I will be out of town for a while and not writing during that time.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Key to Blogging Success

Many people create a blog for a variety of reasons.  Some people want to post about their personal life or something specific within their life; others want to use a blog as way to promote their business.  When you decide to create a blog, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order for it to be a success.

Current – One of the biggest issues people have when they have a blog is continuing to post.  It is important that you are posting on a regular basis, no one wants to come to your blog in May and see that you have not updated since January.  It does not look good for your or whatever you are promoting.  A great tool to help you with this is a scheduler, which most blog platforms have for you to use.
Click here For More

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Writing Fees

I got into a discussion the other day about writing for money.  My friend is a professional writer and does it full time; she has the university degree and the education to support it.  Myself, I am a hobby writer at best, and write strictly for a bit of fun and a bit of spare money.
We got discussing the rates that we write for, and compared to her, I write for pennies.  I polled others that do similar work to what I do, and the top rate was about 20 cents per word.  But, even though some of our rates are low, everyone is able to make an hourly rate that is acceptable to them and they want to make.  Typically this means several articles within an hour.
According to my professional friend, an article should take at least an hour to write between the research and the writing of it.  She also sent me a link of the rates that are becoming standard in Canada for writers. 
I wonder if this is a sign that there is more than one type of writer.  One type of writer being those that work in the professional world whether it is academia or print articles and those that work through the Internet for websites, whether it is a client or a content mill.  And with each type of writer comes a different set of rules and price ranges that one can expect to make.
Personally, I know if I were writing for a magazine, I would take a lot more care with my articles than I do with those on the Internet.  I don’t know about how you view the Internet, but when I am looking for information like what I am writing, I tend to skim anyways, so if there are small grammar errors, I am not too likely to notice them.  
What do you think about this?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ezine is a well known article directory which many people use as a method of article marketing, due to the fact that the articles that are places on here tend to rank well with Google. As with any other content mill type site, you are able to use your own byline and get a link back to your own website. One big difference between Ezine and other content sites though is that there is no payment for posting articles here. People do it for the links and the traffic that they will potentially get. People may come to Ezine and find your article to use on their site, in their newsletter, etc, but they are supposed to make sure to include your resource box with it, so that your contact information and link stays intact.

Even though there is no pay, for many people the Google rankings that you can accomplish through Ezine is enough for many people to continue to post here. Another great thing with Ezine is they sponsor writing contests every once in a while which is 100 articles in 100 days. There are even prizes to be won if you complete the challenge. I have not accomplished this yet, but am hoping to this fall.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creating a Porfolio

Most freelancers never have enough work on their plate, and they need to market themselves. I have run into several that still continue to look for work, even when they are doing as much as they can, and have overflow work. This is due to the fact that you never know when a source of income is going to dry up and you will need to replace this.

One recommended method of marketing yourself if to create an online portfolio. This will mean creating a website or blog to showcase your talents. No matter what you do – write, web design, virtual assistant – you can benefit from a website to let people know what you are capable of doing, examples of your work if it is possible to share, your rates, and other information people need to know. If you are able to get references or letters of recommendation to post, these can be helpful as well.

You want to make sure you get your own domain name to go with this website. This does not mean you have to go to a paid hosting site, but a domain shows people you are more serious about what you are doing. If you are just freelancing personally, not under a business name, you may want to register your name. If you prefer to work under a business name, then you likely will register that.
As with anything else, make sure you keep your portfolio current. If you change your rates, make sure you post that in advance of the new rates, as well as a date they come into effect. Add certifications or awards when you receive them, as this helps to show that you are an expert and that you truly know what you are doing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Now updated!

Oops, forgot to update for my August goals.

I have set them at $250, but I'm not sure if I will make it or not as I have not been doing as much work for my one private client of my own choice.  I also lost a client as well, which would have been a guaranteed $80 for the month.

How to Make Money on the Internet Without Selling Anything

Many people feel that trying to make money on the Internet is an impossible dream in that anything you find on the Internet is a scam and will not pay.  This is not true, you just have to be careful and make sure that what you are looking into is legit, just like with any opportunity you see in the newspaper or elsewhere.

Doing the research to discover if a site is legit or not can be a bit of effort, but it is worth it to take some time and research and find out, before investing your time and finding out the site has a bad reputation.

Click here to read more

Monday, August 9, 2010

July Earnings

I realize I am a little late posting this, but I haven't had anyone email me looking for the numbers.  :)

I ended up earning $250.60 after fees for July. 

Writing - $245.02
Swagbucks - $10
Surveys - $13.50

My fees were $17.92

I have set a goal for August of $250

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Helium is one of the revenue sharing sites that I have signed up for and have done some writing for.  One of the great things about Helium is that you can get an upfront payment if the article you write is one of the first five on any particular topic.  If you are the first article, you get an extra bonus as well.  How much you get on the upfront depends on how many stars you have for writing, but you can earn up to $2.50 each.  The zero article bonus is a dollar per article.  This means you could earn up to $3.50 just to submit an article.  Beyond this, you are able to earn money when people view your article. 
Helium pays once they owe you $25.  They do only payout twice a month, so you will want to make sure you pay attention to the various deadlines to make sure your work is submitted in time to get paid when you want to be.
Please email me if you decide to sign up, as I can get a referral credit

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Earn money searching the web!  :)  You can search using Swagbucks, earn points, and redeem them for a variety of things.  I seem to be earning approx $10 a month to use on Amazon.  There are other places to redeem as well.  If you want to earn free stuff for searching, please sign up through my link (I earn up to 1000 points from your searching)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Pick the Right Home Based Business?

When it comes to choosing the right home based business, there are several things that you need to look at and consider before you make the decision.  Here are a few of those things that you should look at.

What are you passionate about?  If you are a crafter and you try to sell romance items, this may not be a good fit.  But setting up a business on Etsy and selling the items that you create may be a great fit, and something that you can really enjoy and do well at.

Independent or sales force?  Do you want to work a business where you are a true entrepreneur and working completely on your own, or would you prefer to work in something like direct sales where you are a part of a team and you have resources to assist you?  You may prefer one of the other, and it is important for you to decide what you prefer.  Just because you are independent does not mean you are on your own, as even if you are not on a team, there are a lot of people out there that you can find to help you or mentor you.

To read More Click Here

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello? Anyone out there?

Hello????   *listens to the echo*

Anyone there?

Am I typing to myself?

Please leave a comment to let me know of your existence, and so I know I am not just typing to myself for the sake of typing!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


A great way to get more work is to ask those that you done work for is to give you a referral.  Chances are they may know someone else who needs some writing work done. I have gotten a job or two this way.  These don`t always work out, as your work may not be what they are looking for, but when you don`t have to advertise yourself, or pay a fee for the job, they can be great.

I read an interesting idea on a forum from one writer to help get more referrals.  She offers her clients a 10% referral fee.  I don`t know the details on this, but if you are looking for work and are interested in doing something like this, you could easily make up your own terms. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My apologies

I need to sit down and do some work on this blog.  Life has gotten crazy for me this week due to starting a new job, which has affected my schedule.  As a result, I haven`t had as much time to sit down and work on this blog.  It is on the agenda for this weekend, and feel free to comment and tell me to get at it if I don`t post.

Friday, July 2, 2010

June Update & July Goal

My goal for the month was $250, which I was able to make.  The Breakdown:

Writing            $233.99 - after fees
Paid to Clicks  $5 - I am no longer doing PTC's though
Swagbucks      $10 - Have not included these before
Survey site       $28.48 - This was about 6 months worth of survey's though

Total $277.47

My fees were a bit high this month at $24.76, $10 of that was more Copyscape searches, and the rest was Paypal or Elance fees.

For July my goal is $150, as due to things going on in my life, I will not be able to do as much writing as I have in the past.

Edited July 3, as I forgot to include some work

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work Wednesday - Surveyhead

If you enjoy doing survey's, you may want to sign up for Surveyhead.  It is not the fastest site, so if you need money right now, this is not the site for you, but if you like to get some occasional extra money, its not a bad way. 

When you create your account, there are different profile survey's you can do to help them find more survey's for you.  This are worth some money, but not a lot.  I personally did not qualify for a lot of the survey's as I do not have any children under 18.  If you do, you may do better.

It took me approximately 5 months to qualify for the $25 payout, and then it took a month to transfer to Paypal. 

http://surveyhead.com/  (I do not make money off the referral)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Work Update

I realize I am slacking on my updates, which I apologize for.  I was out of town all this weekend and once I got back, I had other things I needed to do to get ready for work, and as a result, this was low on the totem pole.

I have reached my goal of $250, and still have a bit more work due for this month, so I will be higher.  Hopefully I am still over 250 once I remove all the fees I have paid.

I should have my breakdown thursday or friday, as thursday is Canada Day here and I may not be around.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Started

When it comes to get started in any type of freelance work, it is important that you have a porfolio of work that you can show potential employers.  I know in regards to writing, there are employers that will ask you to write an article of their choice as a test.  Sometimes these are paid for, sometimes they are not.  Many people will not do these if they are not paid, as they feel that the potential employer will just use these for their own benefit.  As a result, it is best if you have articles that are pre-written which you can show, or a porfolio published on a site such as Ezines, Helium or anywhere else that you are able to keep the rights.  I know in one instance, I had a potential employer ask for an article on a subject which I had already written something similiar on, so I sent them that article instead.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Work Wednesday - Content Authority

The Content Authority

This is another site that I have gotten onto.  I haven't done a lot of work on it, but they do payout as promised.  Payout is $25.  A nice thing about this site is that you can log in and decide what you want to work on.  There are priority articles, that pay a little bit better, and there are also regular articles and rewrites that you can do.  You select what appeals, and if nothing appeals, you can just log off and find something else to do.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time for an Update

As a result of some illness last week, I have been working very hard to get caught up.  Thankfully my one private client is very understanding and willing to work with me.  My other client only requires 5 articles a week, so a few days off doesn't hurt me too much.

Private Client 1 - $66
Private Client 2 - $35
Helium - $30 - this includes May and June, as I didn't include May work in the totals

I am starting to look around for a bit more work, as I may be facing a wage decrease at work and it would be nice to use this to make it up.  Regardless, I will likely not have as much time to write, so less work, more money is my ideal.  And who doesn't want that?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Work Wednesday - Helium


This is another writing website.  There are a few different ways that you can make money here.

First writer - This is when you select a topic to write on, and no one else has written anything for it.  This is a $1 bonus.

First 5 Articles - If you write one of the first 5 articles on a topic, you get a payment based on the amount of stars you have gotten on the website.  (Stars are based on the quality of your writing)

Residuals - You can earn residuals on your articles no matter what number they are.  So if you have written articles for other websites, you can still post them on here, and make a bit of money.

I am still relatively new to this site, so I cannot vouch too much for it.  But it does come recommended by others.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work Wednesday - Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a website where you earn points, which you can then redeem for prizes.  You search the web like normal, but using Swagbucks toolbar, and you will earn points.  These range anywhere from 5 to 50 points.  There are also special codes that are posted on their website or other Swagbuck sites, which can be redeemed for bonus points. 

For Canadians, there are a limited amount of things you can redeem for, but I am saving all my points to buy Amazon credit.  At the time of writing, I have earned approximately $50 Amazon dollars.  I earn a $5 card every two weeks or so, without much effort.  There are also other items like Paypal money, but I find the Amazon.ca prices are the best bang for your buck.

If you want to join, I would appreciate you using my link:  Sharon's Referral Link

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Update

Well, my goal for May was 200, but I ended up doing better than that.  :)

Client 1 - $216.90
Client 2 - $65.00
Client 3 - $24.00

Fees  $16.73

I did cash out my one paid to click for $3, but it has not arrived yet.  I am no longer working on that site

Grand Total:  $292.17 after fees

I also cashed out from a Survey site for $27 which I am waiting on.  I also collected $10 worth of Amazon gift cards on Swagbucks.  Neither of these are included in the total above.

My goal for June is $250

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Summary

Usually I post a summary on sunday's as to where I am at, but seeing as tomorrow is the last day of the month, and I still have some work to complete, I am going to wait until tomorrow.  :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work Wednesday - Elance


This is another website for someone who is looking for freelancer work, and not just writing work.  So far I have only taken on one job from this website, so I cannot say too much about it.  Minimum bids are $50, so you will make a bit more on jobs that you accept from this site, but again you are bidding with others, and there are fees involved when you accept anything.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How I'm Doing So Far - May 23

wow.... I'm doing pretty good this month.  :)  It helps that I got a job that was worth $50, which was only 10 articles.  My client that I am working for has also had a lot of work for me so far, and I have done $187 worth of work for that client.  I managed to pick up some overflow work on a message board that I am on, and that was worth another $24.  And there is still a week to go  :)

Grand total is $261 at this point, and I have gotten the cash for most of it. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work Wednesday - Getafreelancer

I am going to attempt to post different places that you can go looking for work, if you are looking for extra income.  Not all of them are writing sites, so if writing is not your thing, some of these sites are worth checking out.

This is the first site that I started working on.  It is a bidding site, so you will need some patience when you decide to head over here, as you will be competing with many others.  I have found that many of the people on there offering ongoing work are typically writing teams, looking to add others to their team, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I have not found high paying work, but if you are just starting out, it can be a good place to get some work under your belt.  Be aware that there are fees when you accept a job, but many people communicate outside the site to avoid that.

This site has more than just writing, so it is worth a check if you have other skills.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Update

Its sunday, and time for another update.  I try to do these every sunday, just so I can see where I am, and so anyone who is following along knows too.  :)

As for now, I have done work worth $165.  I am still waiting on some payments, but I am confident that they will be made, its just a waiting game.

I was able to cash out at one of my paid to click sites, and all of a sudden I am not getting much activity from there.  My other site has changed how it works, and I am 5 cents from payout.  That is frustrating.

I should have no issue making my monthly goal, as I currently have another 36 dollars of assigned work, which will let me hit $200.  :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Update

May is looking promising so far, and that making $200 should not be too much of an obstacle.

My client that did not have much for me in April is still working with all the advertising that was done, so I have been writing my tush off there and am already at 100 dollars and still going.

I bid on another job which was awarded and I have started on, which is another $100.

As of today I have completed $106.28 in work, and still have another $61.92 assigned to me.  And it is only the 10th.  I expect a great month unless something drastic happens.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Discussion Continued

This is what I have to say in regards to small dollar articles:

Some people are willing to work for minimum wage, others are not. Are you going to give the ones at minimum heck? They are likely starting out, getting some experience or education under their belt, and as they do, they will get raises or move to better opportunities

Thats how I see my writing. I started writing at a dollar for 500 words, and I'm slowly working my way up. I will no longer bid on a one dollar item, but someone else will. We all have to start somewhere.

For someone who absolutely needs the cash, and they know they can get an article for a dollar, but have a hard time getting articles at 5, I don't blame them for taking the 1 dollar article to get money in their pocket.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guest Post on Another Blog!

I have an article on another blog, all about earning money online with writing!  Wanna check it out? 

Click here!  Writing online in Canada

Monday, May 3, 2010

Discussion Time

I figure it is time to get some actual discussion or chatter going here instead of me just posting numbers.

On one of the forums I am on, that has an area for people who write the discussion comes up once in a while about writing for small dollars, and shouldn't a person hold out for more essentially?  And everyone refuses to work for $1 for a 500 word articles, eventually no one will offer those types of jobs, and we can all get paid fairly.

Do you agree or disagree?   I will post my opinion in a few days.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aprils Final Numbers

Well, I ended up having my private client come back with a lot of work for me, and I got onto a few content sites so I ended up with a respectable total. While I did not make my 200 dollars, I did okay, and now have some avenues for revenue when my private work is not available.

Writing - $118.78
PTC - $3.00
Fees - $8.35

Leaving me with earnings of $113.43 for the month.

I also earned $10 at Swagbucks.

I am going to set my May goal at $200 again, and see how I can do.  I am also starting to do some work with residual sites, so that should help a little bit.  I don't expect to see much from there for a while.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In the future, if you want to read about my crafting, cats and other things, you will need to visit my other blog.  I decided it was time to split the two.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

An April Update

I am not really sure at this stage of the game what I am going to accomplish.  As of right now, I'm at not very far and I just got some requests for work.  They had completely dried up for about 2 weeks! 

So this is where I stand:
Writing - $27
Content Site - $17 - and there is potential for more work here
Paid to Clicks - $11

Hmmm... $55... Its not looking so bright.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Goals

Right now things are not looking so great in regards to my April goals.

I have completed $27 worth of writing, and will have at least $10 in paid to clicks. That is it, and we are close to halfway through the month. I know I screwed up and have missed out on at least one content writing site, as I have just not been motivated, and I did not complete the sample article.

I have also been trying to focus on my Candle business, which has and has not been working out for me. Anyone need some candles?

I think I am getting close to getting my writing motivation back, so we will see how things go for the rest of the month.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Where does time go?

I can't believe he used to be so little.  This is from the day I got him, and he was a whole 2.5 pounds.  Now he is a year old, and 12 pounds!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another pic

Hanging out in Dad's garage getting the wheels pumped up (ignore the thing in the spokes, it just says comfort)

After a year of talking.....

I finally did it and bought a road bike!  :)

The plan is to get up the endurance to ride it to work, which is a fair jaunt.  Hopefully by the end of April I will be up to it.  Its hanging out in the garage right now, I need to check that the tire pressure is good, and then head out.  I did buy a new helmet as well, as I read they should be changed every couple of years, whether you have taken a hit to the noggin or not.

And here it is!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Totals

March is now over, and I blew my goal out of the water!

Earnings from Writing - $231.70
Earnings from PTC - $5.28
Fees - $30.01 - They are high as I accepted work for several new people, which was a $5 hit each time

Total in my pocket - $204.32!

I have also earning $25 in Swagbucks, which I only started at the end of February, so you could consider my earnings $229.32, but I have not redeemed those.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Payment Updates!

Finally received the funds from February 28 for $3

Got my $9 after threatening to use the articles myself.

I have hit the $200 mark already, but have not checked out all my paypal fees yet.

Still waiting on the stupid Escrow payment.  It says tomorrow, it better be!

I'll be back to give final totals later this week.  :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Update

Well, I have met and am over my goal for the month of $150, but I am having some issue with receiving payment.

The PTC that I cashed out February 28 has not paid me, and I sent an email, and have never heard back. I guess I write that off, it was only 3 bucks, but still.

I did some writing for a customer, that paid me through the Escrow on the writing site we found each other on.  I requested for them to transfer the funds February 17, it said something about it being my first transfer so it would take a bit longer, and I still wait.  When I checked the other day, it said it would transfer March 30!  I am not impressed on this.

And there is the customer that still owes me $9 from 2 weeks ago.  Yes, its not much, but its the darn principle of the thing!

I am trying to refocus on my Gold Canyon business, so I'm not sure where I want to take my goals in April, as I will need to spend more time working there to attain the goals I want.  I will decide as we get closer to April and I am able to make a few decisions.

Note:  Will update my march numbers for you

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My cute Kitty

Even though he is a huge pain in my butt, he can be so cute some days.  He will be 1 approximately the end of the month.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Productive Weekend!

While I feel like I had a slightly lazy weekend, I actually got a lot done.

All my writing projects are finished and emailed to the appropriate people.

Saturday night, I finished the blanket I was working on, and sunday afternoon I tucked in all the lose ends.  I see now that the one corner is very wonky, not sure what the heck happened (I folded it inwards in the picture)  Now I see the pattern is wonky.. dang it.  :(

I also finished 2 crochet scarves.  These will eventually be donated.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wanted Yarn Scraps!

I am so excited!  I have all these little balls of yarn that I hate to toss, as they can be used for something, but i don't know what.  I have slowly been gathering patterns for fridge magnets and such, but tonight at craft group I found a much better thing to do with them!

A lady there collects them, and she and others make little dolls with them, about 6 inches tall.  They then use these for packing material when sending dental equipment to third world countries.  It serves 2 purposes - way better than those styrofoam packing peanuts, and they are something for the little kids who come to the dentist and are scared.  They get a present after!

I am just so thrilled to have a great place to donate these to!

Monday, March 8, 2010

March So Far

March is looking good work wise.  I have completed a fair bit of writing, but unfortunately, I am waiting on pay, so most of my writing work is on hold.  I have done work for 3 clients, none paid, but 1 client I only worked on today, and his project is not complete.

The other two, I am not sure, and there will be no more work for them until payment has been resolved.

I also won bids on two more jobs, but I have not heard on those yet.  :(  I would like to use at least one of them to replace one of said clients above.

In other news... my knitting project should be done within a week!  And as much as I resisted the idea of socks, apparently my fingers think differently, as I just finished purchasing some sock yarn to work with.  Ahhh... what a crazy gal I am!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Update

I just received payment for the last of my February work, other than the PTC.  I think they are on longer terms, which makes me sad, but I am only waiting for 4 dollars there, so if they do not pay, I will just change my totals and move on.

Anyways, I had to remove one item that I was expecting payment for, as my article was rejected (it was a trial) and due to some confusion, mis-understanding, etc. I will not be fixing it or being paid for it.  This drops my total by $8.

Regardless, I still hit my goal, and I already have some new work for March and am starting on my goals.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Goal

I have decided that my March goal is $150.  I have taken on a new client that is a bit less work, but more money.  I am still looking, but I find that many of the freelancer jobs out there do not mesh well when you only have a few hours a day to work on articles.  Of course, being new still, it does take me longer to flesh them out and write them, so I cannot accomplish as much as others.

Monday, March 1, 2010

February's Earnings

I ended up making more than I had planned in February due to gaining a few new clients. 

Money actually in my paypal account:
Writing - $95.00
PTC - $5.13

Waiting on payment (sources that have paid before)

$16.27 - $5 actually belongs to January, but I held off paying until February, as I wasn't sure I would continue with that site

Making a grand total of $142.13. 

That helps to make up for being short in January.  I need to think about March's goals, so I will post that in a day or two.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Adventures

Knitting fever has taken hold and all I want to do is knit, and get new yarn.  Even though I don't have a pattern that I want to make, I just want to buy yarn.  Too bad money truly doesn't grown on trees.

I've been drooling over circular needles for the last bit and was doing some looking around.  I also knew you could find some that were interchangable. I checked out Ebay and found some, and discovered that the manufacturer was selling them for a very similiar price, and if you bought the pink version, they would make a $5 donation to Breast Cancer research.  So, being a girl and liking pink, I bought a set.  :)  I cannot wait til they come in!  I talked to a girlfriend, and she has the same set and loves them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rosco Tails - The Candle

I received some candles the other day for customers. I put them on a high counter that I did not think my cats could get onto, as I planned to deliver them the next day. Later that evening, I heard a crash.

That was what I heard. Kitty definitely got scolded, but I'm not sure he really understood.

Monday, February 22, 2010

This blogs purpose

This blog was originally intended to be a bit of everything, and online work seems to have taken over. But I can explain that:

Knitting - I'm only working on one project, and it just repeats itself over and over. So its not very exciting. I can post how many rows I accomplished, but who really cares?

Cats - Again, they are kind of boring. But, I can try and post more pictures if anyone wants. Thats about all. I have caught them snuggling at night which is cute, its great that they love each other. :)

Other than that, its still winter up here in Saskatchewan, as I look out the window it is snowing. Spring is quite a ways off.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy week!

I have been busy this week working. Between returning to my full time job after being off for 2 weeks, and doing writing work for clients, I haven't had a lot of spare time to be on the computer or to blog. Thank goodness for pre-scheduled posts for my business blog!

So I am here to do some updates:
I have made my February goal of $100. But, this is work done, not work paid. I still have some projects on the go, and of course, payments that I have been waiting on.

Changes happened in the paid to click world while I was on holidays, and they are now where near as good or as profitable as they once were. I had one site I was able to make about $5 in a week, now I will be lucky to make a dollar in a week. Not sure that I will continue with this.

I joined Swagbucks. Now, you can get Paypal cash through Swagbucks, you are actually better off redeeming your swagbucks for merchandise or gift cards to your favorite stores. For instance, I can get a $5 gift card for Amazon at a cost of 45 Swagbucks, but for $5 to Paypal, it will cost me 70 Swagbucks. You earn Swagbucks by searching the net through their website or toolbar. At random, you will get a graphic that pops up saying you have won Swagbucks. And that is how you earn them. You get 3 when you sign up, and then start earning. I'm up to 12 in a few days. I got 1 by following them on Twitter, where they posted a code to redeem, and there are other ways.

Anyways, if you want to join Swagbucks and earn free product when you search, please join my team. And then refer people you know as well!
Here is my referral link:

Monday, February 15, 2010

What I have been doing

I'm on a freelancer board, and have been bidding on jobs, but have not had much luck in actually receiving any of them. I even went so far as asking others for places that hired Canadians to write for them, due to lack of work.

And then, wham! I got accepted for two different jobs within 24 hours of each other. While I do have 3 days to complete both assignments (10 and 15 articles) I like to finish them early if at all possible, as I never know what is going to happen the next day.

So I spent today working on the 10 article assignment and finishing it. I believe I had done 2 or 3 of the articles yesterday. I did 7 of the 15 articles today. Not to mention, I did have another project I was working on for a long term client I have, so I had to do 5 articles for him as well.

I am tired! The two assignments I received in the last 24 hours are better paying jobs as well, and didn't really require a lot of research, but when you are writing many similiar articles, it can be difficult to come up with unique spins!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

January Earnings Update

Due to a brain error on my party, my earnings weren't quite what I thought they were... and I missed some fees. So here is my update, also taking into account payments I have since received for January work.

Paid to click - $34.49
Writing - $95.75
Fees - $-3.27

Total $126.97 actual funds paid

No payments still owing

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Dogs and Cats

Dear Dogs and Cats:
The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food.

The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Placing a paw print in the middle
of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor
do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Racing me to the
bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn’t help because I fall faster than you
can run.

I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do
not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort, however.
Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary
to sleep perpendicular to each other, stretched out to the fullest extent possible.
I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out on the
other end to maximize space is nothing but sarcasm.

For the last time, there is no secret exit from the bathroom! If, by some miracle, I
beat you there and manage to get the door shut, it is not necessary to claw, whine,
meow, try to turn the knob or get your paw under the edge in an attempt to open the
door. I must exit through the same door I entered. Also, I have been using the
bathroom for years - canine/feline attendance is not required.

The proper order for kissing is: Kiss me first, then go smell the other dog or
cat’s butt. I cannot stress this enough.

Finally, in fairness, dear pets, I have posted the following message on the front door:

(1) They live here. You don’t. (2) If you don’t want their hair on your clothes,
stay off the furniture. That’s why they call it ‘fur’-niture. (3) I like my pets a
lot better than I like most people. (4) To you, they are animals. To me, they are
adopted sons/daughters who are short, hairy, walk on all fours and don’t speak

Remember, dogs and cats are better than kids because they (1) eat less, (2) don’t
ask for money all the time, (3) are easier to train, (4) normally come when called,
(5) never ask to drive the car, (6) don’t hang out with drug-using people; (7) don’t
smoke or drink, (8) don’t want to wear your clothes, (9) don’t have to buy the
latest fashions, (10) don’t need a gazillion dollars for college and (11) if they
get pregnant, you can sell their children

Friday, February 5, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

January Earnings Summary

Well, I fell a bit short of my goal, but when I set it, I really had no realistic clue as to what I would be able to do.

Money actually in my paypal account:
Writing - $75.75
PTC - $31.14

Waiting on payment (sources that have paid before)

Making a grand total of $133.24.  I'm pretty happy with that overall.  :)

February's goal is $100 as I am going to be on holidays for a week which will restrict my earnings a bit, as I will not have internet access.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Kitty Scratching Post

I bought my kitties a new scratching post last night.  Unfortunately, while trying to get it into my car (I ultimately had to hang it out the trunk), I bent one of the ledges for the kitties to lay on.  So now it sits on my kitchen floor until I am able to get it repaired.  A piece of wood and wood glue should make life good again.  But Rosco has still been able to enjoy it so far.

I can't believe how much stores charge for these posts!  This post is normally $200, but it was on sale for $80.